Types of Chatbots

How they take your business to the next level.


Do you feel like your business is struggling to offer 24/7 service and assistance to your customers?

Are you looking for various solutions to Convert visitors into customers and make the experience of the existing customers extremely fruitful?

If yes, then you might want to know more about chatbots.

Let's begin with understanding what a chatbot is

In the most simple words, a chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation (either written or spoken), allowing humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person.

There are many types of different chatbots out there. There is no fixed or pre-defined classification system for differentiating the types of chatbots. We can still attempt classifying them by observing two parameters.

  1. The purpose of a chatbot fulfills.
  2. The back-end technology used for building it.

In this article, we're going to tackle the first parameter.

Based on the purpose of a chatbot in your business cycle, we can broadly identify six types.

  1. Lead Generation Chatbot
  2. Lead generation is the most important aspect of Online Marketing as it enables websites to gain more traffic, which, in return, increases the conversion rate of visitors to customers. And being able to do this 24*7 without putting in extra working hours sounds like music to the ears. That's exactly what a lead generation bot does for you.

    It's a well-known fact that Chatbots convert leads 4x higher than traditional lead generation tools because people prefer conversations over bland forms. Create exceptionally smooth and engaging conversational experiences for your visitors and collect their information without making it boring or tedious. There are many perks to having a lead generation bot on your website.

    • Convert Visitors to Leads with the highest efficiency, less money, and less time!
    • Segment and qualify leads automatically 24*7.
    • Chatbots replace bland forms so cleverly. Users tend to give more information with less prompting.
    • Ask questions and answer queries automatically while reducing hold time.
    • Further, improve lead nurturing and engagement. Seamlessly pass prospective buyers through their journey from awareness, to consideration, and finally, to the decision of buying the product/service.

  3. Feedback Chatbot
  4. Feedback is a way to know what your users want. People's inherent comfort with messaging platforms translates to the chatbot and helps you gain a higher volume and quality of feedback data.

    Since chatbots are fundamentally open-ended, gathering feedback through them will definitely get you closer to the necessary opinion of a user. The collection of feedback through a chatbot shows improvements not only in the amount of data collected but also in the quality of data. A feedback chatbot will do the following things for you.

    • Make the feedback experience conversational and smooth sailing for the customer.
    • A creative, personalized chatbot significantly increases the chances of a customer giving the feedback instead of skipping this step.
    • Helps you make impactful business insights.
    • Automated collection of feedback 24/7.
    • It helps you in the analytics of the feedback collected by providing real-time statistics.

  5. FAQ Chatbot
  6. An FAQ page is a place for your visitors to find answers to all their questions. It makes life easier for your website visitors. It saves your business time and resources because your FAQ page answers all the recurring and repetitive questions instead of your team.

    Your FAQs can save you a lot of time and resources when done correctly. What is the correct way, you may ask! The answer is an FAQ bot. There are quite a few perks to building one.

    • Today's modern-day bots are powered by NLP and AI technology. Combined with your FAQ data, they understand and answer recurring requests from your clients.
    • Leave the repetitive questions to your chatbot and let your team handle the complex matters.
    • It saves your visitors time by conversationally answering their questions. There is no need for them to scroll through a long list of Q and As anymore.
    • They help you manage load at peak times by handling several questions at once.
    • Provide the fastest way to answer the questions of a curious visitor 24/7.
    • Now your clients can navigate through your website hassle-free, at their own time.

  7. Survey Chatbot
  8. If I tell you that people don't like sitting at a place and filling out long forms that ask them a million questions, I won't be the first one to say so! Nobody loves to take surveys! But, no other research methods yield results as good as a survey. Hence, we need to adopt ways that make these surveys seem less of a headache.

    The task can be achieved much more smoothly if it is done through conversation. You no longer need extra humans to make this conversation, simply get yourself a survey bot! Conducting surveys through engaging conversations is a sure-shot way of gathering high-quality responses. A survey bot will

    • Ask questions through an automated questionnaire.
    • Record, organize and segment the information seamlessly.
    • Get insightful analytics based on the data collected through the Chabot faster than ever.
    • 100% automation of recurring tasks saves your money and time.

  9. Support Chatbot
  10. Customer support is a never-ending task. It is what helps you maintain good relations with your customers post the completion of purchase. Having excellent customer support is essential for every business. But, it consumes a lot of time and resources, a lot of times customers are left on hold at the moment where they need the most help.

    Such circumstances can be avoided by using a support bot. Let no user query go unattended with the help of a support chatbot. Our AI-powered chatbots are continually learning. This means your customer support will keep on improving without any extra efforts from your side.

    • A support chatbot is good at conversations and answering user queries. They are also entertaining and maintain user interest at all times.
    • It reduces hold time and quickly routes users to the right place.
    • It provides instant resolution for recurring common issues.
    • Aids your support team by collecting primary data required for understanding and resolving the issue.
    • Chatbots are at the user's disposal 24*7*365. Therefore, they provide a consistent user experience and help you build a deeper rapport when it comes to customer support.

  11. Appointment Chatbot
  12. Chatbots are highly in demand as they can maintain an engaging conversation for finding a solution to almost any problem. Why not extend this technology towards the continual and highly time-consuming task of appointment booking?

    If you worry about the continuous process of handling incoming appointment requests then, you've reached the right place! An Appointment chatbot is the easiest way to schedule appointments without getting overwhelmed with calls.

    • Enable your visitors to schedule appointments without the need for human intervention 24*7!
    • Fasten the appointment booking process while making it extremely engaging, conversational, and super easy for your visitors.
    • Get automatic calendar updates and reminders for the booking and appointments for you as well as your visitors.
    • Gather additional information from your customers in a smooth manner and improve lead generation.

The chatbot business is booming! These conversational robots are taking enterprises to innovative fronts of effective customer engagement. We don't want you to miss out on this wave of technology!

If you were impressed by all the perks, a chatbot could add to your project, and if you're thinking about making your own, don't forget to checkout TeeDee! We highly encourage you to look through our website to learn about the excellent products we've created.

We guarantee that the process of creating a chatbot with us is super easy, you won't have to code, and the best part is how pocket friendly it is!! Check out our payment plans here.

Vaishnavi Eache
Trainee UX Designer

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