Teedee and CMS Websites

Here is a detailed read on Teedee and Content Management System Websites Integration.


Today, in this day and age, almost any business owner is capable of building their own business website and making it work, all due to the various content management system websites like Wordpress, Drupal, Woo Commerce, Shopify, WebFlow and many more. These website have a really simple and easy interface, with the help of which any one irrespective of coding knowledge can develop a Functional and Aesthic Web Page that just does the trick!

So seeking inspiration from these websites, TeeDee too is dedicated in making it's customer's lives simple by allowing people using these websites to integrate TeeDee with their CMS Sites.

Chatbot Integrations with CMS sites

The CMS sites have grown a lot because of its easy to use and drag-drop features which assists any layman to create his/her own website and host it on the internet. Chatbots constitute a major part of the Content Management System as they help in engaging users and assist them to surf a particular part of the website which the user wants to see.

Chatbots play such an important role in CMS sites so the users should be able to easily install or embed them in their websites. This process should be easy to use as the majority of the CMS users do not have a technical background or knowledge to do so. Hence TeeDee as a chatbot provider has developed easy to use plugins to embed chatbot with your CMS websites.

Our CMS Integrations

TeeDee is available on Wordpress, Drupal, Shopify, WooCommerce, WebFlow and Wix, anyone using these to make their sites can easily integrate TeeDee and increase their business's revenue.

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Jira
  • Wordpress
  • Woo Commerce
  • Drupal
  • Shopify

How These Integrations Work?

These integrations are an interface to your CMS sites, TeeDee being the one end and your CMS admin being the other one. The actual processes of integration are different for different CMS sites. You can learn more about our integrations in our documentation.

As TeeDee is your other end of the interface, so all the information and conversations collected by the chatbot will be stored on your TeeDee Dashboard. TeeDee Dashboard is the section from where you can control your chatbots. To know more about TeeDee Dashboard’s function visit our documentation page.

Why Teedee?
  • To outlive the competitors by using function specific chatbots provided by us.
  • To understand the engagements by analysing the Statistics provided by us.
  • To convert your visitors into customers by using our lead generation strategies.
  • To keep your existing customers happy and satisfied using our support chatbot.
  • To spend wisely on your chatbots by using our flexible range of packages.
Vaibhav Dubey
Trainee Backend Developer

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