How to Create a chatbot

A guide to creating a Chatbot with TeeDee in 3 easy steps Without Coding.


With TeeDee, the process of creating a chatbot has become simplified and free from the hassle of Coding.

We’re going to walk through the simple steps that allow you to create a chatbot for your website in absolutely no time.

To get started, you have to select the type of chatbot you want to create.

You’ll get to choose out of 7 types.

Once you’ve chosen the type of chatbot you want to use we arrive at

Step 1

You can select how you want your chatbot to look.

And select the fields of user information you’d want your chatbot to collect.

Step 2

The next step would be, Selecting all the integrations you want and set a credit limit for those integrations.

Step 3

And finally, give your chatbot a name, assign a domain to it and set the credit limit on the chatbot.

And just like that, you’ve gotten yourself an active chatbot ready to serve your visitors 24x7!

Vaishnavi Eache
Trainee UX Designer

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