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How much does a chatbot cost?


With Chat becoming the most convenient and loved way of communication among the millennial, digital marketing through chatbots has become the new way to go for all kinds of businesses.

Although chatbots help you save a lot of time and money, the kind of chatbots you choose and the platforms you select to build them on can cause a significant difference in the number of resources you spend on one chatbot.

Most Chatbot building platforms offer you pre-defined plans suitable for businesses of various sizes, providing different features and functions for each.

If you surf through the pricing plans of all the chatbot building platforms on the internet, you'll find plans like these almost everywhere :

I. Free : 0$/month

In the free plans, you get 1 chatbot and around 100 interactions on an average. But, these chatbots are extremely basic with limited integrations and services.

II. Basic: 15$- 50$/month

Aimed at small businesses, these plans will give you 2 to 5 chatbots and around 1000 interaction. You get more features than the free plan, but they still are limited. You get a few integrations and basic reporting.

III. Professional: 150$- 500$/month

Aimed at large businesses, these plans will get you an unlimited number of chatbot projects, but the interactions will be limited to around 10,000-25,000. You get almost all the features the chatbot platform offers, along with certain conditions and limitations.

IV. Custom: No fixed price

These plans aim at huge enterprises with great marketing and support needs. Most chatbot agencies have this plan in their pricing models as a highly customizable plan which works according to the needs of the organizations offering an unlimited number of chatbots and all the pro features without any limitations. Goes without saying that this plan will cost the most out of all the plans.

After taking a look at these plans two things might hit your brain. One that these plans do sound a little costly, and secondly, what if you don't require as many interactions as the plan provides? What if you need more interactions than the plan's amount but not as many as to upgrade to the higher plan?

If you don't use up the number of interactions you purchased through your plan, they ought to expire in a month, and your money goes down the drain.

If you need more interactions than your plan provides, most websites offer a certain extra amount of interactions for the extra cost. For example, you might get an additional 100 interactions at the price of 10$. The cost per interaction is always higher for further interactions than the interactions included in the initial plan.

In both cases, you end up spending more money for no good reason!

Then you might end up thinking that the free plan is the way to go. Although that sounds very attractive, it isn't really what it looks like. Most free bots are too basic and lack the human element, which is vital in interactions. They tend to turn off visitors with odd turns of phrase and may come across as creepy or stilted. A bad interaction with the customer can cause more damage and confusion than you can imagine.

What is one supposed to do then?

"Pay per use" model is your savior!! Look at the chatbot agencies that can offer you schemes where you pay only for what you use with little to no limitations on all the other features.

TeeDee is one such platform that offers you the best quality chatbots along with a cost-efficient pay per use model.

With TeeDee, You don't get billed per month, yes you heard it right! NO fixed monthly charges!!

You get introduced to the credit-based system, which costs way less than any other chatbot platform on the internet!

In the credit-based system,

For a standard chatbot, 1 interaction = 1 credit

For and AI-based chatbot, 1 interaction = 2 credits

The best part about this model is that there is no expiration on the credits you purchase!

If you purchase the small plan in which you get 1000 interactions for $27, and it takes up to three months to interact with 1000 visitors, you effectively pay around $9 per month ONLY!

Along with that, there are absolutely no limitations on the number of features you can access. You get all the features and services that any premium plan on any other chatbot agency offers, at a way lesser cost!

In conclusion, while looking at chatbots you should keep in mind the value they add to your business compared to the amount of money you're spending on them. Opting for cheap/free models might hurt your business rather than make profits for it and the extremely costly ones are taking more money out of your pockets than required.

With TeeDee's pay per use model, almost all your needs are taken care of. You pay only for what you use and not a single penny more. You get all the premium features and an array of different types of chatbots, even with the smallest plan!

What are you waiting for? Check out TeeDee's pricing plans here!

Vaishnavi Eache
Trainee UX Designer

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