How AI Chatbots can upgrade your business online

Learn the benefits of AI based chatbots in online business.


The fact that the world is ONLINE now is no news. So, catching the world where it spends most of its time is the best way to get the most customer engagement for your business. ONLINE!

We are now entering an era where digital marketing is being preferred over the traditional ways of marketing because it provides a much engaging one to one interaction with your prospects. But, then again, everyone is using it now. If you’re wondering how you can take your digital marketing and online business to the next level, it is through CHATBOTS!

Digital marketing is already seamless and immediate, and chatbots add automation to the mix of good things that come with digital marketing. The chatbot industry is booming already, and many top organizations are using them to fulfill various tasks. Let us understand why -

I. Chatbots help you ACQUIRE customers.

Any business needs a rock-solid customer acquisition system that regularly supplies more prospects to the pipeline. Generation and conversion of leads are one of the most vital aspects of this system. Chatbots convert leads four times higher than any other traditional lead generation tool.

Traditionally in digital marketing, lead generation is done through online forms and surveys, and I love to fill forms, said nobody ever! That is where a chatbot comes to your rescue. The inherent comfort and liking towards messaging platforms make people much more interested in talking to a chatbot rather than filling out bland and boring forms.

Having a Chatbot to greet customers as they land on your website can totally transform their experience. Unlike humans, chatbots can operate 24*7 and still manage to cost much less!

AI-based Chatbots tend to provide people with extremely clever and engaging interactions that make people more likely to give information and are proven to be capable of collecting better quality information!

It doesn’t end there! Apart from gathering vast amounts of useful information and leads for you, the chatbot will also help in the segmentation and qualification of these acquired leads.

The chatbot will also provide you with the essential transformation of the collected data for analytics. Gaining real-time statistics can make the analysis process very seamless for you and help you achieve more detailed inferences about your business and the demographics of customers you should focus on.

II. Chatbots help ENGAGE customers.

By 2020 consumers will handle 85% of their engagement with businesses without ever interacting with another human being, says the predictions of Gartner Research.

We’ve already discovered how chatbots can replace the tedious forms and interact with the customer provoking more interest in them. Since the world has shifted online, ‘instant gratification’ is what is expected out of everything. So, why shouldn’t your website provide it!

Let’s not think of chatbots as just a robot/machine but, as a digital agent that can engage your customer into an interesting conversation, understand their likes and dislikes, provide suitable options according to it, and help you gain more insights to your visitors.

A chatbot can perform numerous tasks like telling your customer about all the products/services you provide, make the customer well acquainted with your pricing models, any upcoming schemes or special offers you may have, etc.

As customer’s needs and preferences change rapidly and reshape the business structure, almost all the consumers want 24/7 availability of customer service agents. This is highly impossible if handled by a human agent. Hence, chatbots are a necessity for better customer engagement.

III. Chatbots help SUPPORT and RETAIN customers.

A chatbot can fulfill various functions in your business system -

  • Collection of feedbacks
  • Customer support
  • Answering FAQs
  • Booking appointments
  • Conduction of surveys

And much more.

All of the above aid your business in one way or another.

Customer support is a never-ending task. It is what helps you maintain good relations with your customers post the completion of purchase. Having excellent customer support is essential for every business. But, it consumes a lot of time and resources, a lot of times customers are left on hold when they need the most help.

A chatbot will ensure such a situation never arises as it is present at the service of your customers 24*7*365!

With the help of a chatbot you can make the feedback experience conversational and smooth sailing. A creative, personalized chatbot significantly increases the chances of a customer giving the feedback instead of skipping this step.

It makes life easier for your website visitors and also, saves your business time and resources because your FAQ page answers all the recurring and repetitive questions instead of your team.

By now, you’re well aware that getting yourself a chatbot can drive your online business to exceptional efficiency levels. It can also help your team achieve operational excellence! Chatbots backed with AI technology are continually learning from all the information they receive. Hence, you’ll get yourself a system that keeps upgrading itself without human supervision and extra resources.

If you are interested in getting yourself one of these AI chatbots, we recommend you take a look at TeeDee! It definitely will offer you all the perks you read here and much more and that too at a super affordable price!

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Vaishnavi Eache
Trainee UX Designer

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