About Us

Our Motive

We build software solutions for the modern day economics. We truly believe that the software technology should not be extremely expensive and be available to every kind of business no matter how big or small.

Who we are?

Botonomics Automations LLP was founded on 23rd August 2019. Founders of Botonomics is Saurav Panda.

What we do?

We help you develop the most innovative and efficient Artificial Intelligence or machine learning based solutions for ALL your business requirements. With us you can experience the immense computational capabilities of AI and ML-based software which can help you dramatically improve the outcome of your business and stay way ahead of the competition!

We strive to build robust models for you that give you the best of Automation while saving tremendous amount of time and money Now you can get human-level outcomes and insights without manual human labor. We understand that every enterprise has a unique workflow and customer profile.We deliver highly personalised and fully customisable services so that our product gels in with your project flawlessly.

Our Team

Saurav Panda

Founder and CEO

Deeksha Tiwari

Software Developer Engineer

Vedant Chikhale

Full Stack Developer

Saurabh Zote

Full Stack Developer

Vaibhav Dubey

Trainee Backend Developer

Umang Mehta

Machine Learning Engineer

Hiral Bulsara

Marketing Intern

Jamaluddin Khan

Software Developer Intern